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"I Dream of the Autobahn" by Raw Refined

“I Dream of the Autobahn” by Raw Refined


Like 'the Botanists' I am also a one man operation. All instruments are written, performed and recorded by one guy, Henry Moss.

I record through an Mbox into Pro Tools Le. I started with sampled drums and constructed a beat for the whole song. I programmed the beat to be what I would actually play on a drum set. Then I add the bass track. For this song the bass is mostly in the sub range. Then I recorded the guitar. I used an old Fender Tube amp through an sm57 placed equidistant between both speakers.

Next I added some synthesizer layers. After that I ran the vocal tracks. I sing through a Shure KSM 27 that I bought used a year ago. Singing is definitely the biggest struggle for me as a musician and the vocal track took days of takes to get anything I was satisfied with. After the main vocal I added a couple of background layers with a reverb or a chorus on them. I don't use any Autotune because then I wouldn't sleep at night, but I did use a pitch shift plugin to add a single faint harmony at a point or two in the song, (the very final harmony on the last chorus is all natural though!)

Finally I recorded the lead guitar part after the second chorus. Once I had all of the tracks down then I mixed and remixed after listening in a couple of different settings and on different speakers (My apartment bedroom, my parents' house basement, my school's media lab, in a car). This is what I came up with.

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