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"Hyvin hiljaa" by Vando Suvanto

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Thursday November 30, 2006

This song, Hyvin Hiljaa (Very Quietly), was recorded in the spring of 2006 with my old studio equipment in my basement studio, so it was a mixed bag of everything I happened to own at the moment.

I composed the tunes, recorded, mixed, sang and played all the instruments except bass, which was done by Jeremy Gould. The lyrics are by Juha Hurme

Drums were recorded with six microphones ranging from Shure SM 58 for snare, Shure Beta 91 for bass drum, two AKG D 880's for the toms and Rode NT 2 and a Shure copy called Carol SCM 5266 for cymbals and hi-hat. I used a Behringer Eurorack MX 2004A as a preamplifier for the drums.

Guitars and basses were recorded directly through amp modellers, Pod 1, J-Station and Bass V-amp.

For vocals I used Rode NT 2, preamplified with Behringer's Eurorack.

My sequencer at that time was Cubase SX3 and I had only one, not so strong, computer to work with.

My main plugin was Elevayta Convo Boy for room modelling and reverbs. For drums, for example I used CKSDE's Perfect drum booth 1. The space for the imaginary band was created with IR TC SYSTEM 6000A's Small wood room. And everything was in the end polished with Lexicon's PCM90 Plates' CUSTOM Spatial plate.

The computer's lack of horsepower made it really demanding to get a decent mix, because I usually end up with more than 30 tracks to work with, so it was not easy, but I guess that considering the circumstances it's not that bad.

Vando Suvanto

Further information is available at

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