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Hughes & Kettner Debut Switchblade All-Tube Amplifiers

Hughes & Kettner Debut Switchblade All-Tube Amplifiers


The new and revolutionary Switchblade series combines superior tube tone with the sound flexibility of fully programmable amps. Switchblade provides 4 fully programmable tube channels, digital multi-FX and even includes a MIDI-board for instant access to 128 user presets.

“These amps were created for demanding players looking for genuine tube tone and the flexibility of modern amp concepts,” comments Marketing Director Stefan Fischer. “Switchblade delivers both and puts an end to sacrificing tone for flexibility!”

Six hand-selected tubes (12AX7 and EL34) are at the core of Switchblade's design. Its four channels are optimized to cover a wide range of tones from California clean to British crunch and classic rock to contemporary American hi-gain Nu Metal.The amp's FX-section provides considerable effects power, featuring three independent blocks that all work simultaneously (Delay, Modulation and Reverb). The user interface offers classic tube amp look and feel — but is fully programmable for a total of 128 different tube tones at the touch of a button!

The included MIDI-Board enables full control over the amp's features right out of the box: It offers 4 preset select switches, bank up/down selector and a tap-switch to set the delay time and a 2-digit display.

Switchblade is made in Germany by the same development team that has created classics like the Triamp MKII amplifier and Tube Tools pedals.

Key Features

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100W Head, 100W 2×12 combo and 50W 1×12 combo versions 2 x 12AX7 and 4 x EL34 Tubes (2 EL 34 in the 50 W combo) 4 Channels: CLEAN, CRUNCH, LEAD, ULTRA (High-gain) Total Recall: 128 user presets, all settings memorized Multi-FX section with 3 independent FX blocks: Reverb,Delay, Modulation (Chorus/Flanger/Tremolo) Programmable external FX-loop (serial or parallel) Combos with genuine Eminence® RockDriver speakers Made in Germany

AvailabilityAvailable from March 2006

Suggested Retail Price100W head: USD $1749.00100W combo: USD $1949.0050W combo model: USD $1749.00

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