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How do I get the right people in the music industry to hear my CD?

How do I get the right people in the music industry to hear my CD?


Question from an Audio Masterclass visitor…

I am trying to break in the music industry by creating a mixtape. How ever I know that I need more than just a buzz. I am putting together a group of artists who I believe are just as serious about there career as I am. I am funding the project and am wondering after I do so. How will I get the right people to hear the c.d.

David Mellor replies…

This question comes up a lot in various guises. My answer tends to get shorter and shorter each time, and has now reduced to, “Get your music in front of an audience”.

If you do that, you can't go wrong. If you are not doing that… er, why not?

But there are other possible approaches.

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One way is to mix with music business people. How can you do that?

Well I'm not saying that it's going to be easy, but you could start with a shortlist of places that music industry people hang out…

  • Recording and rehearsal studios.
  • Trade shows such as MIDEM.
  • Bars close to record label offices.

If you never go near any of these places, then you are never going to meet anyone in the music business. It is pretty much as simple as that. Recording studios generally don't like people sniffing around, but rehearsal studios are often very much more open. Find a rehearsal studio in your area and go see – perhaps you could even hire a room so that you get to walk around the place and 'accidentally' bump into people and get talking.

There is another possibility… get close to people who are close to people in the music business. Here are a few options…

  • DJs
  • PR people
  • Music magazine editors and writers

Put your thinking head on and come up with more possibilities.

If you ask people in the music business how they got there, it is nearly always as a result of meeting someone who was already in the business, then becoming more and more closely involved.

Remember that the music business does not need to seek people out. You have to be extremely pro-active and find ways to get in there yourself. Get yourself known, then get your music heard.

It won't happen sitting at home.

Browse music industry contacts…

David Mellor

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