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Hoag Musical Instruments introduces - TRAD 60 guitar

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Thursday December 28, 2006


Traditional barriers are not broken, just bent a little. TRAD 60 has keep that 'old guitar feeling' in tack, but the sound of each note and the speed of execution, will amaze you. Hoag optical pickups react at the speed of light. This faster response offers cleaner sound and will respond to your slightest touch. Because there are no magnetic fields and mechanical devices slowing down the string movement, the sustain and harmonics are enhanced. Stings can be intermixed with any type of string; steel, bronze, nylon, etc. Each type of sting has its own overtone component and will be reproduced by the optical pickup. The frequency response is from few hertz to well over 100khz.

The neck is maple with maple or rosewood 22 fret board.
The body is made of select hardwoods and colors will be offered
The hardware will be chrome and/or black
The pickup is placed at the bridge for best harmonic content
The power supply and cable assembly are included

Each guitar will be assembled with import and domestic parts at Hoag Instruments Custom Shop. The price will be $595 plus shipping

For more information and sound files, please go to web site .

For more information, go to

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