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Hercules Brings DJ Console to Mac Platform


October 21, 2004

Hercules Technologies has launched their Hercules DJ Console for Mac with a special edition of Traktor DJ Studio. This portable USB device features a double deck for mixing two digital audio files, a multi-channel sound board for mixing stereo channels while monitoring the mix on another output and loads of controls enabling users to perform the most advanced DJ stunts.

Hercules DJ Console for Mac enables users to control the mixing software via:

  • 2 vinyl-style decks,
  • 8 knobs,
  • 3 sliders,
  • 28 phosphorescent push buttons,
  • 1 mini-stick,
  • 16 button status indicator LEDs,

These buttons control the DJ Mixing software by sending MIDI instructions through the USB port.

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As an audio interface, the Hercules DJ Console offers:

  • 4-channel playback:
    • stereo playback for the audience (on active speakers) via dual RCA output, stereo mini-jack and SPDIF output
    • separate stereo output for monitoring (headphones and active speakers, either via dual RCA output or stereo mini-jack )
  • 4 selectable inputs: microphone, line in and SPDIF In (optical or coaxial)
  • Microphone volume control
  • Headphones volume control

Traktor DJ Studio – Hercules DJ Console Edition features:

  • 3 loop modes per deck
  • 3 effects assignable to each jog wheel (enabling user to change playback frequencies)
  • 3 playback modes (in addition to standard playback): reverse playback, fine scratching and fast scratching
  • 3 cue points per deck
  • 2 auto-beat synchronization modes – pitch change and master tempo
  • 2 pitch settings – standard and pitch bend
  • Headphone monitoring on 1 or 2 decks

Hercules DJ Console Mac is available now at a suggested retail price of $295/Euro 299.90.

For more information, visit their web site at

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