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Heizenbox 2.0 Granulizer Plug-In from SXP

Heizenbox 2.0 Granulizer Plug-In from SXP


SXP has released Heizenbox v2.0, a granulizer plug-in for VST hosts running on Windows or Mac OS X.

With Heizenbox, the incoming audio is recorded into a buffer. It then plays back slices of the buffer, offsetting loop points after each loop. With the interface you can change the loop length, offset, repeats, pitch, direction and applying effects.


  • Grain length from 1 to 10000 samples.
  • Grain offset from -5000 to 5000 samples.
  • Jumping back and forth.
  • Directional wave playing.
  • Crossfading.
  • Effects: Gate, Shuffle, LFO, Length Modulator, Pitch Modulator, Randomize.
  • No-click algorithms.
  • Full automation support through MIDI.
  • MIDI learn with right-click.
  • Realtime buffer view of recorded sound.
  • Tempo synchronization and locking with host sequencer.
  • Touch recording. Touch a knob and the plugin will start recording.
  • Typically less than 5% CPU utilization.
  • Presets that show how to create effects such as down sampling, Timestretch, stutter, bounce, into the matrix etc.

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Heizenbox costs 35 Euro. Audio examples and a demo version are available from their website.

For more information, visit their web site at

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