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Hartmann Creating Neuron VS Software Synthesizer


August 13, 2004

Planned for release in September 2004, Hartmann Music announced
their Neuron VS Software Synthesizer, a PC and MAC compatible application.
The software package includes Nuke, a USB hardware controller for use with
the sofrware constructed with aluminium. Nuke is not only the controller for
the software, but also a dongle to protects against piracy.

Neuron VS is built around the same sound engine found the Neuron Hardware
Synthesizer. Neuron VS includes 2 Resynators, the Blender module, the Mod-
and Slicer Module, a Silver Unit (Multimode Filter plus Time and Frequency
Effect unit) and 7 ADSR Shapers. Unlike the Neuron Hardware Synthesizer, Modelmaker,
Surround capabilities, 4 levels / 4 times Shapers, high-end Delay and Reverb
are not included.

The Resynator Page

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The Resynator page allowes for the realtime setting of all Resynators' parameters.
The Resynators give access to the very heart of a sound.

Neuron VS features 2 Resynators – each capable of driving one Model. Neuron
VS comes with a huge variety of Models. The Resynators (and Silver) need Nuke,
the hardware controller, to drive the parameters represented by the two bubbles
on this page (and the bubble on the silver page). All movements of Nuke's stick
can be recorded in realtime and stored as part of a sound.

Additionally, Neuron VS includes 7 ADSR shapers, that are switched by simply
clicking on one of the smaller icons. The Blender offerc 10 different settings
to merge and mix Models or parts of Models together.

The Silver Page

Silver includes a powerful multimode filter ( 24dB lowpass, 12dB lowpass,
6dB lowpass, 6dB highpass and bandpass) plus two multieffect units. Cutoff
and Frequency are beeing controlled crosswise by the Nuke stick – or one can
use the scrollers to set the parameters separately.

The Frequency FX Module includes a EQ / Compressor, Distortion, Ring Modulator,
Decimator and SP Warp Effects. The Time FX Module includes Stereo Spread, Left/Right
Delay, Flanger, Phaser and Chorus Effects.

Silver includes a dedicated ADSR Shaper for the Filter. All Shapers can be
set to Repeat Mode – adding one more very flexible cyclic effect. The silver
page is the home of the Mod and the Slicer. Mod represents an LFO. Slicer is
a Neuron exclusive Module that allowes for cyclic “3 dimensional” modulations.

The Nuke Page

On this page of the software, you can set the destination of the freely definable
endless knobs (encoders). Select the parameter you want to control for each
knob and store the setting together with the sound.

The Nuke Controllerbox

The buttong selects which of the Neuron VS Modules that is controlled by the
stick: Resynator 1, Resynator 2, or Silver. It is not possible to work on the
settings of those parameter groups without Nuke. Nuke also offers 4 freely
definable endless knobs (encoders), that are set on a third page of the Neuron
VS software.

Designed to perfectly fit in your hand, it is made of aluminium and offers
exactly the same kind of stick controller and encoders you find on the Neuron
keyboard. The handrest is made of special soft synthetic material.

Nuke is included in the Neuron VS software package.


  • Neural synthesis engine (template driven Multi- Component Particle Transform
    Synthesis with realtime controllable synthesis model parameters, Artificial
    Neural Network controlled adaptive sound analysis for the parametric transformation
    of musical monophonic and polyphonic sounds)
  • 2 Resynators, each with 3 Scape and 3 Sphere Levels, Stick recording and
    Playback function per parameter level
  • 1 ADSR envelope per Resynator with definable depth per parameter level
  • 1 amplifier envelope per Resynator (ADSR)
  • 2 definable free envelopes (ADSR)
  • Blender module for manipulating one timbre (from resynator 1) with the
    properties of another (resynator 2)
  • 8 different blender types
  • Modulation module Low frequency oscillator with 12 waveforms
  • Slicer module for the generation of multidimensional, cyclic modulation
    with 12 waveforms
  • Silver module with multimode filter (24dB lowpass, 12dB lowpass, 6dB lowpass,
    6dB highpass, bandpass)
  • 1 Silver (ADSR) Envelope
  • Frequency FX Module with EQ / Compressor, Distortion, Ring Modulator, Decimator
    and SP Warp Effects
  • Time FX Module with Stereo Spread, Left/Right Delay, Flanger, Phaser and
    Chorus Effects
  • Over 250 Models included (Strings / Percussion / Pianos / Pads / Reed /
    Plugged / Basses / Drums / Solo Instruments / Bells / Brass / Voices EFX
    / Loops / Organs, etc.)
  • Each Model can be manipulated with 12 Parameters (6 x Scape / 6 x Sphere
    Parameters) that have been detected when analyzing the original sound.
  • 10 different Parameter sets – depending on the specific Model characteristics
  • Over 300 Sounds included
  • Nuke hardware controller with 4 freely definable encoder knobs, 1 stick
    controller, 1 select button / 3 LEDs (connects via the USB port of your computer)

Suggested retail price: Euro 706.00

For more information, visit their web site at

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