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HarpTime and Microrock Released for OS X in AU and VSTi Formats


December 7, 2004

Already available for Windows, NUSofting has now released two of their physical modeling virtual instruments, HarpTime and Microrock, for Mac OS X, supporting both the AudioUnit and VST interfaces.

HarpTime, as you might guess, is a virtual harp instrument, modeling a range of different instruments including folk and ethnic harps such as the Celtic, Japanese (koto), Paraguayan, and African harps. HarpTime is offering in both “Pro” and “Fun” versions, with the latter applying most parameters on a global basis, affecting all strings at once, for a simplified interface.

Microrock is a monophonic synthesizer designed to produce bass and lead guitar type lines. In addition to the physically modeled string elements, Microrockprovides overdrive, distortion, wah, stereo chorus, vibrato and delay effects.

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HarpTime Pro is currently priced at $59.90/Euro $48.90, while HarpTime Fun carries a price tag of $29.90/Euro 26.90. Microrock is $46.90/Euro 36.90. Demo versions are available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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