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Harmony Guitars reveals the new Juno and plans for three iconic reissues - NAMM 2019

Harmony Guitars reveals the new Juno and plans for three iconic reissues – NAMM 2019


Harmony (, the world’s most cherished maker of musical instruments, today announced that 2019 will see the release of four new models. The prototypes of three of the new models are making their debut at Winter NAMM 2019. They are the first reissues announced since Harmony was relaunched in 2018 by parent company BandLab Technologies.

The first is a single cut inspired by the iconic Harmony H44 called the “Juno”, along with three reissues of the brand’s beloved instruments – a H19 solid body and a H72 hollow body. The company revealed that they also have plans to reissue the highly coveted H63 hollow body guitar in 2019.

Meng Ru Kuok, CEO of BandLab Technologies says of the new Juno model: “Inspired by the classic Harmony H44, we’ve taken this much loved shape and evolved it with improved construction and new proprietary components to deliver the Juno. This is a portable, extremely comfortable, single cutaway
electric guitar with gold foil P-90s, sporting simple but effective wiring. This reimagined guitar has been lovingly crafted for modern musicians.”

He continues “Along with our new Juno prototype, we’re also very proud to be staying true to the promise we made at last year’s NAMM show to be complementing the modern standard line-up with a set of three affordable reissues of classic Harmony shapes – crucial in continuing the re-establishment of this cherished music brand. We’re excited to show these prototypes, put them in the hands of players and get feedback from the guitar community at NAMM.”


Harmony Juno Prototype (on display at NAMM)

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Based on the iconic H44, the Juno is the perfect grab and go guitar. Lightweight, perfectly balanced and comfortable in the hands, it’s a lovely little guitar, with a big sound. Sporting a genuine mahogany body and neck, locking tenon neck joint and ebony fretboard. The Juno has hand-wound gold foil P90 pickups and will be available in three Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes: Champagne, Pearl White & Rose. As the perfect guitar for musicians on the move, it comes with a free MONO Stealth Mini Case – exclusively available with the Juno.

Harmony H19 Solid Body Guitar Prototype (on display at NAMM)

The H19 is a reissue of the original Silhouette, one of Harmony’s most cherished solid body guitars. Its offset body shape and raw tone made it a cult favourite amongst players. The H19 is constructed with a mahogany body and neck and pau ferro fretboard. The H19 will include custom reissue pickups and a tremolo, and is finished in Sunburst.

Harmony H72 Hollow Body Guitar Prototype (on display at NAMM)

The highly sought after H72 has a new lease of life with its return to the factory line. The H72 reissue’s 6-in-line headstock blends elegantly with a thinline hollowbody archtop made with a maple top and back. We’ve chosen pau ferro for the fretboard and mahogany for the neck. Just like the original, the H72 will come with its signature f-holes and custom gold foil pickups. We’ve chosen Cherry Red for the finish as a nod to the vintage favourite.

Harmony H63 Hollow Body Guitar Prototype (Not on display at NAMM but coming 2019)

One of Harmony’s rarest and coveted models, the original H63 has drawn auction bids in the thousands. This elegant hollowbody sports an ebony finish over its maple top and back. The neck and fretboard is made from mahogany and pau ferro respectively. The custom reissue pickups gives the H63 a handsome, elegant vintage voice reminiscent of the 50s jazz boxes and often found in recording studios of yesteryear.

Availability and pricing will be confirmed in Spring. Visit www.harmony.cofor more information.

About Harmony:

The Harmony Company was founded by Wilhelm Schultz in 1892. Building on a cherished catalogue of instruments from electric and acoustic guitars to violins, Harmony established itself as one the most successful American musical instrument companies in history. Reintroduced to the market in 2018 by BandLab Technologies, Harmony returns with a range of guitars,ampsand accessories. Visit for more information.

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