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Harmony Central sold to Musicians' Friend - still independent!

Harmony Central sold to Musicians’ Friend – still independent!


Harmony Central, an information site and online community for musicians, has been acquired by Musician's Friend, the largest online and catalog music gear retailer. Both companies serve the general musical community and share a common culture of values and goals. With the support and resources of Musician's Friend, Harmony Central can now look forward to a greater future.

Harmony Central will continue to operate as an independent publisher and forum, providing the news, reviews, tech tips, resources, and musician-to-musician sharing of information that have made it the most popular music site on the web. With insightful input from real musicians of every stripe, coupled with manufacturer expertise, Harmony Central will continue to provide the vital content some musicians have come to rely on.

Harmony Central's founders, Scott Lehman and Wilson Chan, will remain onboard through the change of ownership and both see this change as an excellent opportunity for growth and improvement of the website. Commenting on the acquisition, Lehman said, “We've received numerous requests over the last few years to add new and improved features to the site – which we've wanted to do – but with limited resources, we simply couldn't get it all done. With the support of Musician's Friend, we expect to deliver more of what people have been asking for. Musician's Friend brings new technologies and expertise, greater reach in our connections with the music gear industry, and financial resources for site expansion and enhancement. Harmony Central will continue to serve all musicians and manufacturers, and over time you'll see the website grow into a more vibrant, fun, and informative online resource.”

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