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Harbinger offers big sound to go with  new Vari 2300 series

Harbinger offers big sound to go with new Vari 2300 series


Harbinger Pro Audio has expanded its acclaimed VARI Series of live-sound solutions with the VARI 2300 powered portable loudspeakers, which deliver affordable, lightweight power and exceptional built-in connectivity and DSP features. The new series includes the VARI V2312 2-way loudspeaker, with a 12-inch low-frequency driver ($249.99); the VARI V2315 2-way loudspeaker, with a 15-inch low-frequency driver ($299.99); and the VARI V2318S subwoofer ($599.99), with an 18-inch driver.

VARI 2300 Series 2-way loudspeakers feature a high-frequency compression driver, a 2,000W (peak) Class D amplifier that delivers ample power without employing heavy transformers, and onboard DSP and mixing capabilities, packaged in a rugged yet lightweight polypropolene enclosure. The result is impressive output from loudspeakers that anyone can set up and carry: 126 dB SPL for the 35-pound V2312 and 127 dB SPL for the 41-pound V2315. With built-in pole mounts and angled cabinets for use as floor wedges, the V2312 and V2315 are equally valuable as front-of-house or monitor speakers.


Each VARI 2300 Series loudspeaker incorporates a three-channel mixer featuring two mono channels, each with a XLR-¼-inch combo mic/guitar/line input, and a stereo channel with 1/8-inch stereo aux minijack, Bluetooth, and L/R ¼-inch line inputs for a total of eight simultaneous inputs. Onboard two-band EQ is easy to dial in, and a simple button allows you to select among four DSP voicings: Standard, Vocal Boost, Live, and Floor Monitor/Wall. A built-in DSP limiter offers transparent dynamics control for musical-sounding system protection at high volume, and the new Smart Stereo feature lets you run a single XLR cable between two VARI 2300 Series loudspeakers and control them both from the left side.


The V2318S subwoofer offers a whopping 2,400 watts
of peak power for 134 dB of room-shaking lows in an 86-pound package. It includes inputs and outputs for two speakers, a switchable 90 Hz/120 Hz crossover, phase reverse, DSP limiter, and built-in locking roll casters for easy load-in.

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Used separately or as a set, Harbinger's VARI 2300 Series brings high power, light weight, flexible input and mixing options, easy setup, and great sound together in a package any band can afford. For more information, visithttps://harbingerproaudio.com/vari-series.


Harbinger Professional Audio brings together advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to deliver high quality sound reinforcement components that offer performance, power, and reliability in an affordable package. Harbinger products are built with rugged, professional components and construction for dependable, rock solid performance.

For more information on the complete range of Harbinger Pro Audio products, contact Harbinger, P.O. Box 5111, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359.


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