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Hagstrom Guitars to Return

Hagstrom Guitars to Return


July 18, 2004

American Music & Sound (AM&S) will be offering attendees a preview
of the newly revived Hagstrom line of electric and acoustic guitars at the
2004 NAMM Summer Session. Over one dozen prototype models of the reissued classic
brand, including the Swede, Super Swede, Viking, De Luxe, and Jimmy.

Many original Hagstrom models employed a patented 'H' expander-stretcher made
of a rigid alloy that allowed for a very low action and thin neck, and made
for very fast playing. All reissued models will feature the original Hagstrom
fast playing neck and all electric models will additionally feature the original
'H' expander. The reissued models will feature fretboards manufactured from
Diamondwood, a revolutionary wood-composite material.

Originally manufactured in Sweden between 1958 and 1981, Hagstrom guitars
continue to enjoy a devoted following worldwide. Hagstrom once estimated that
some 800,000 musicians had played their guitars, including Elvis Presley, Frank
Zappa, Bjorn Ulveus (ABBA), Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), David Bowie, ZZ Top,
Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford (Genesis),
and the Beatles. Current aficionados include Aerosmith, Franz Ferdinand, and
The Kills.

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