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GrooveLab Software/Hardware Music Making Bundle from M-Audio

GrooveLab Software/Hardware Music Making Bundle from M-Audio


June 25, 2004

M-Audio has announced GrooveLab, a bundle of hardware and software that empowers anyone to create music, regardless of their music experience or ability according to the company. GrooveLab is part of M-Audio's push into the consumer market.

GrooveLab takes all the components necessary for digital music creation and assembles them in a single, affordable package. Now anyone who has contemplated making their own digital music can use GrooveLab to build their own computer-based music studio.

Priced just under $100, GrooveLab bundles GrooveLab Transit, USB interface, headset with built-in microphone, Ableton Live Delta software and music loops. GrooveLab Transit is a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface capable of being bus-powered, that includes an optical output that can pass-through AC-3 amd DTS encoded audio. Both Mac OS X and Windows are supported.

For more information, visit their web site at

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