Adventures In Audio with Audio Masterclass Releases FL Studio Tips and Tricks! Releases FL Studio Tips and Tricks!

FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD ►, the leading provider of online pro audio video tutorials is pleased to announce the immediate availability of “FL Studio Tips and Tricks”. Offered as an IDD-Instant Digital Download or on their new “Brainwerks” brand training discs, this eye-opening collection of video tutorials presented by FL Studio mastermind Andrew Rusnak shows you the things you want to know. Topics include tips and tricks for using the FPC, Wave Traveller, Love Filter, Skinning, Routing, Step Sequencer, Vocoder and Custom FX. Andrew even shows you how to create and mix a song from scratch and so much more. Using this powerful information, you'll have a fresh new outlook when using FL Studio and creating your own songs and productions!

FL Studio Tips and Tricks Contents:

Windows – (27:04)

01. The Piano Roll (11:19)

02. The Step Sequencer (7:19)

03. Using Pattern Clips (8:26)

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Theory – (48:37)

04. Creative Routing (6:56)

05. Working with Drums (18:18)

06. Working with the EQ2 (9:20)

07. Making a Subkick (5:48)

08. Fattening A Sound (4:20)

09. Layering Instruments (3:55)

Devices – (1:26:20)

10. The Vocoder (8:17)

11. The Waveshaper (8:05)

12. Using the TS-404 (19:08)

13. Fruity Pad Controller (FPC) (16:36)

14. Using the Love Philter (13:43) 

15. Fruity Slicer (10:28) 

16. Wave Traveller (10:03)

Effects – (25:14)

17. Alternating Delay FX  (3:41)

18. Sidechain Compression FX (5:37)

19. Pre-Verb Effects (3:24)

20. Granulizer Efects (7:58)

21. Hammer-On Effects (4:34)

Utilities – (21:34)

22. Creating Filter Groups (2:42)

23. Center Plug-In (2:23)

24. Skinning Basics (8:44)

25. Best Final Render (7:45)

Production & Mixing – (1:45:19)

26. Making & Mixing A Song – Part 1 (17:02)

27. Making & Mixing A Song – Part 2 (9:34)

28. Making & Mixing A Song – Part 3 (23:53)

29. Making & Mixing A Song – Part 4 (34:09)

30. Making & Mixing A Song – Part 5 (18:41)

Total Runtime: 5:14:08

With over 5 hours of content, you’ll sure to learn new and exciting things about FL Studio. You can download the full FL Studio Tips nd Tricks collection today for only $49.99 or order the boxed disc version now, which will ship in 3-4 weeks for $54.99, and get the instant digital download included for free so you can start learning today.

For more information, free full-length videos from the series and to order, visit

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