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Groove Tubes Debuts SuPRE

Groove Tubes Debuts SuPRE


Based on the design of their ViPRE Preamplifier, Groove Tubes has introduced the SuPRE (Stereo unit Vacuum Tube Microphone and Instrument PREamplifier) at the 119th AES show. The SuPRE is expected to be available at Groove Tubes Pro Audio retailers early in 2006, with an estimated MSRP of $1,495.

“Ever since the ViPRE gained tremendous respect throughout the industry, our customers have been asking for a stereo version,” says Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes founder and CEO. “The SuPRE borrows some key features and design components from both the ViPRE and the Brick for an extremely flexible, great-sounding and yet very affordable solution for stereo mic and instrument preamplification.”

The SuPRE is a two-channel stereo microphone and instrument preamplifier that uses a high resolution tube signal path for Groove Tubes tone and response. Like the ViPRE, it features variable transformer impedance settings on each channel (300/600/1200 ohms), with 4 Nickel core input and output transformers. The SuPRE provides a hefty 72dB of gain on each channel, using 4 specially selected GT pentode/triode dual element vacuum tubes (2xGT6922 dual triodes and 2x GT6CH8 pentode/triode tubes).

The SuPRE's front panel packs in a lot of control features while remaining cleanly laid-out and easy to use. An input selector selects between rear panel Line or Mic inputs, while a front panel Instrument input automatically overrides the rear panel jacks when an instrument is inserted. A 3-position attenuation switch drops mic levels, selectable at 0dB, 15dB and 30dB, while dedicated switches for Polarity Reverse and 75Hz Hi-Pass Filtering are provided. SuPRE's +48V phantom power is available individually on each channel. Large custom rotary variable attenuators control gain over the available 72dB range. Supre's two large custom VU meters, each with individually adjustable range control, allow for 0Vu line-up with virtually any outboard gear.

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