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Green Monster Music Introduces New Guitar Instruction DVDs

Green Monster Music Introduces New Guitar Instruction DVDs


May 27, 2004

New from Green Monster Music is a five volume guitar instructional
DVD series. Titled “Monster Guitar Method”, the series is designed to take
you from a beginner to an accomplished musician.

Each volume comes with a DVD (approx. 2 hours), a Jam-Along CD (approx. 60
min.) a notation booklet that includes the lesson notation as well as the notation
for the Jam-Alongs, and online support. On their website you can email the
teacher with questions, connect with other players on the message boards or
chat room, use the online metronome and tuner which has standard and alternate
tunings, get the “tip of the week”, win free gear, and more.

Volume I will take you from day one as a beginner up to being able to play
with a band, take a solo, and write your own songs. In this volume you will
learn everything from major, minor and pentatonic scales, to power chords,
bar chords, and alternate “cool chords” as well as licks, rhythm and chord

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The Second Volume takes you further by showing you movable scales, more licks,
advanced rhythm playing, chord harmony for major and minor keys funk rhythms,
songwriting ideas and more.

The next Volume, Volume III, gets deeper by covering scale building, more
licks, triads, triad inversions, triad over bass notes, and further songwriting

Volume IV gets into advanced quartal harmony, lots of 7th chords, chord building,
key signatures and songwriting ideas like secondary dominance, odd time signatures
and more fun stuff.

Volume V is all about modes. It covers how to play and understand them relative
and parallel to each other, melodically and harmonically.

Each DVD retails for $39.95 and can be purchased at retail stores or on their

For more information, visit their web site at

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