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Granted Software Releases Rax 1.0 AudioUnit Host

Granted Software Releases Rax 1.0 AudioUnit Host


June 10, 2004

Granted Software has announced the availability of Rax 1.0 for Mac
OS X. Rax turns your Mac into a virtual rig for live performance, slaving
instruments and effects from another app or offloading DSP to a second computer.
With its streamlined UI, it's easy to play AudioUnit instruments and process
live audio through your AudioUnit effects. One-touch record lets you capture
a great riff without delay.

Rax comes with many features such as multiple synths per rack, flexible effect
routing including insert, send and master effects, a 16 channel mixer, and
support for live audio inputs.

MIDI features include layering , keyboard and velocity splits, multiple inputs,
host based MIDI learn for AudioUnit controls and external MIDI clock sync.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The product is available as a download directly from Granted Software for
USD $29.95. Until a license is purchased users are limited to a single instrument
and audio input per rack and recording is disabled.

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