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Got audio problems? We want to hear them!

Got audio problems? We want to hear them!


Noise? Distortion? Poor frequency response? Interference? If you've got it, we want to hear it. Send in your worst examples…

Recording wouldn't be so much fun if there were not a few problems from time to time. Or would it? Anyway, we live with problems and work our way around them.

Usually we want to get rid of things that sound bad. But just for a change, I actually want to listen to them.

So, send us your audio problems using the 'upload audio' link at the top of the page. These are the kinds of things I would like to hear…

  • Noise, analog or digital
  • Distortion
  • Poor frequency response
  • Wow
  • Flutter
  • Jitter
  • Phase
  • Digital howlround (mind your speakers, and your ears!)

Those are all technical problems, but it would also be useful to hear recordings, particularly individual instruments or voices, that just sound vaguely bad in some way.

So, just for once, here is an outlet for everything that can go wrong in a recording. We spend so much time and effort trying to get things right it should be fun for a change to get it all wrong! Let rip.

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