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Glasstone Amplification Debuts The Legend 3015 All-Tube Guitar Amplifier

Glasstone Amplification Debuts The Legend 3015 All-Tube Guitar Amplifier


The Legend 3015 from Glasstone Amplification is a dual channel, all-tube guitar amp head. The two channels allow the player to cover a wide range of guitar tones including country, blues, classic and modern rock. Three footswitchable sounds are directly accessible thanks to the switchable tube overdrive circuit in channel 2.

Both channels are fully independent (including preamp tubes) and include gain and volume controls, as well as 3-band passive tone controls. Also included in each channel are “fat” and “bright” switches to tailor the treble and bass response early in the preamp. Locating these switches early in the preamp allows the character of the overdrive to be adjusted by the player. The overdrive channel includes an extra variable gain tube stage that may be switched in or out.

The power amplifier is a non-feedback design using a pair of EL34s configured in a push-pull Class AB circuit, with power output switchable between 30 and 15 Watts. The dual power output allows the player to set the amount of clean headroom in the power amp, and allows power tube overdrive to occur at two different volume levels. The power tubes can be easily biased via the rear panel bias pot and test jacks. All that is needed for biasing is a voltmeter and flathead screwdriver.

A series tube-driven effects loop allows you to patch-in effects between the preamp and power amp. The effects loop is extremely transparent and can be bypassed using the footswitch or a rear panel toggle switch.

The Legend 3015 is currently in production and will begin shipping in late April or early May 2007.

MSRP: $1595 USD

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