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GigRac Family Grows with New 1000 Watt Model


September 26, 2004

Launched in January of this year, Soundcraft's GigRac family
of powered mixers for gigging bands and presentation systems has now been
joined by the most powerful version yet–the stereo GigRac 1000st, which delivers
1000 watts output power (500 watts per channel into 4 ohms).

The new model sports the same styling of the GigRac 300 and 600, but is a
more powerful, full stereo version featuring expanded three-band EQ on the
inputs, two seven-band BSS Audio graphic equalizers, and ten preset digital
effects. Although slightly taller than its siblings at 5U (8.75 inches), the
still-ultra-compact GigRac 1000st combines power and performance with the ability
to be slung over a shoulder and carried to a show.

As with the GigRac 300 and 600 models, there are two output signal paths:
one for the main front-of-house output and one for stage monitors. In normal
stereo use, the two power amps each deliver a full 500W of power to the main
(FOH) outputs, but the 1000st can also be switched to provide 500 watts to
the main output and 500 watts to the monitor output.

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Other additional features include pan controls for the inputs to the stereo
bus, a stereo graphic EQ on the main output and seven-band mono graphic EQ
on the monitor output, 12-segment bargraph meters for both main and monitor
outputs, a stereo playback input (for CD playback, for example), and a stereo
submix input. In standby mode, all channels are muted until the band is ready
to play, while the playback input remains active for interval music. In order
to not break your back, the 1000st features a lightweight switched-mode PSU
derived from years of switched-mode designs at Soundcraft and BSS.

Shipping in October, the GigRac 1000st carries as US retail price of $749.99.
Soundcraft USA also announces that it has reduced the prices of its two other
GigRac models by $50.00 each to $599.99 for the GigRac 600 and $379.99 for
the GigRac 300. There is a dedicated GigRac website at

For more information, visit their web site at

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