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Giga 3 Version of NDB Pipe Organ Released with Additional Features


September 8, 2004

The new edition of Notre Dame de Budapest (NDB) Pipe Organ Samples
is now available, offering more features and samples than originally announced
back in July.

“We have not stopped working since we announced the new edition and we are
happy to report that we can offer even more than what we promised,” said Csaba
Huszty, NDB architect and lead engineer. 'The new edition features over 60
organ stops and combinations and exceeds the previous version in just about
every detail. We have included even a 7-channel impulse response reverb to
illustrate the capabilities of the new GigaStudio version. The library has
now more than 3000 samples, recorded and processed in 96 kHz/32-bit but besides
the organ sounds, NDB has the capability of imitating live recordings using
various background sound effects often heard at the cathedral.”

The stops and combinations of the new library, which fill 6 DVDs with more
than 22 GB of sample data, were chosen in cooperation with award-winning concert
organists and pipe organ experts. Shirokuma also paid heed to user feedback
and included content requested by its customers.

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Besides the Full Edition, the new library, which features 24-bit, 48-kHz samples,
an entry-level Compact Edition is also available. To preserve backward compatibility,
Shirokuma made both editions available in 16-bit format, so that GigaStudio
2.x users can benefit from the enhancements of the new library as well.

More than fifty percent of the income goes directly to the cathedrals to maintain
their organs, part of world heritage.

Price and availability

Notre Dame de Budapest Pipe Organ Samples v3 is available now. It can be purchased
at NDB website and major music shops specializing in sound samples. The recommended
list prices of NDB Full and Compact Editions are 350 ($419) and 99 ($119),

For more information, visit their web site at www.ndb.hu

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