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"Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar" DVD From AcuTab Is Released

“Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar” DVD From AcuTab Is Released


Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar is any acoustic guitarist's guide to the inner workings of their favorite instrument, and a handy, money-saving guide to the many repair and maintenance issues that every guitar owner is liable to face. In this new DVD release from AcuTab Publications, Marty Lanham provides an overview of the many component parts of the steel string guitar, describing what each contributes to the overall sound. You'll get to see the body of a guitar before it is assembled, and a number of disassembled guitars in the shop for repair. He then describes some of the most common guitar maintenance and repair issues, and how you can both spot and prevent them.

Symptoms of fret wear, loose braces, bridge plate wear, bride pulling up, and neck twist and warpage are among the topics covered in detail, with many close ups. He goes over neck relief, temperature and humidity, tuning machines, intonation, finish issues and when a guitar's neck may need to be reset. Causes (and fixes) for high or low action are also discussed and demonstrated.

The final section has Marty explaining what to look for when buying a guitar. He first covers what a novice player — or someone choosing a guitar for a beginner — should consider. Then, he describes the important considerations when moving up to a better quality instrument, and what to be aware of when shopping for used, or vintage guitars.

Marty also spends roughly 10 minutes showcasing the several guitars he uses to demonstrate these concepts, including two pre war Martins and a rare guitar from the 1880s. New guitarists (and guitar owners) will get immediate benefits from understanding more about their new instrument and more experienced players will pick up new insights and information about their beloved flat tops.

Topics covered on Get To Know Your Acoustic Guitar

  • component overview
  • bridge pulling up
  • loose bracing
  • bridge plate wear
  • action and saddle height
  • temperature and humidity
  • truss rod adjustments cracks
  • restringing
  • intonation
  • finish care
  • choosing a used guitar
  • neck problems
  • tuning machines

More details are available on the AcuTab web site including several screen shots and a number of brief sample video clips.

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