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Genz Benz Updates ML 200 Bass Combo Designs


November 12, 2004

Genz Benz has made some upgrades to the ML 200 line of bass combos. The three combos in the series now feature lower profile cabinet designs and Baltic Birch plywood construction. The 1×15 and 2×10 models also feature comfortable “edge-lift” handles for easy transport.

The new ML 200 series offers bottom-mounted, tilt-back handles in order to tip the cabinets up towards the performer. The new cabinet shape delivers increased output and improved low frequency response. Along with a more compact cabinet design, the ML 200 combos are lighter, more efficient and easier to transport.

Available models include the ML 200-112T, ML 200-115T, ML 200-210T and theML 200-Head.

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