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Genz Benz Introduces The Black Pearl 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier

Genz Benz Introduces The Black Pearl 30 Electric Guitar Amplifier


Introducing the Black Pearl 30, a classic, all-tube, EL84, Class A design combined with upgrades, enhancements and tone you would expect from GENZ BENZ. This amplifier is built for those that know tone and feel are inseparable.

The Black Pearl 30 is meticulously designed with its all tube signal path, component selection and custom transformers that add up to responsive, thick, rich tone. Inside are beautifully crafted BLACK Military Spec PCB's with robust, precision routed Direct-to-Point, gold flashed signal traces, neatly dressed wiring and our custom tube sockets and retainers; all designed to ensure that every amp built delivers the Black Pearl's boutique tone yet will withstand the rigors of the road.

The Black Pearl's extensive list of features includes: Single channel w/Boost, 5 position preamp Voicing circuit, passive 3 band EQ, Tube Driven Accutronics™ reverb, Tube Rectifier, Pentode/Triode output and Power Selector switch for 30W/15W/8W output options and 12″ Alnico Red Fang™ Eminence speakers.

The cabinetry is solid 13-ply Birch plywood and is pure classic in its styling and detail.

Available models:Black Pearl 30 HeadList: $1399.00

Black Pearl 30-112 ComboList: $1699.00

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Black Pearl 30-212 ComboList: $1999.00

Black Pearl 30-212CAB Extension CabinetList: $1099.00

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