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Generator LLC Now Shipping KikBrik Bass Drum Damper

Generator LLC Now Shipping KikBrik Bass Drum Damper


Generator LLC is proud to announce the KikBrik™, an innovative new product for drummers, recording engineers, and live-sound engineers searching for consistently great-sounding kick drums.

The patent-pending design is based on acoustical science and 30 years experience in recording and drumming. The KikBrik is a physical drumhead damper as well as an acoustic damper, absorbing unwanted overtones (ringing) across a broad frequency bandwidth. Uniquely shaped ends dampen one or both heads for the perfect sound.

The KikBrik core is formed from specially manufactured high-density multi-layered recycled cotton, which has linear sound absorption and is much more effective than acoustic foam. This material “treats” the inside of the drum like an acoustician would treat a recording studio to eliminate unwanted reflections and resonances. The KikBrik greatly improves the kick drum's sound while its sonic “signature” remains intact.


  • Consistently great kick drum sound
  • Easy to reposition for different sounds
  • Predictable results on nearly any kick with nearly any microphone
  • No fiberglass or foam / uses safe “Green” core materials (recycled cotton)
  • Standard sizes (14″, 16″, & 18″ drum depths)
  • Affordably priced at $49 (MSRP)
  • Works well with inexpensive heads (& pays for itself)

The KikBrik is the first and only acoustically designed kick drum damper, and is now shipping.

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