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General Vibe Announces VectorSector Softsynth

General Vibe Announces VectorSector Softsynth


January 14, 2005

VectorSector is a software synthesizer that recreates the sound of the Sequential Prophet VS, a classic and sought-after wavetable synth from the mid-80s. The product includes reconstructed versions of the original factory presets utilizing mathematically derived waveforms, and adds several enhancements such as variable polyphony (up to 16 voices), expanded control ranges, and additional modulation routings.

VectorSector was developed by company founder Joshua Jeffe, who wrote the original VS firmware while at Sequential and coined the term Vector Synthesis. Other products he has designed over the years include the E-mu Proteus/1 sound module and Antares Filter plugin.

“The VS was very much a hybrid design — the oscillators aren't running at a fixed sample rate as you would find in a modern all-digital system, so there's a different set of phenomena at work there”, says Jeffe. “The unique aspects of the design ultimately produced some characteristic sonic artifacts, some good and some bad. What we've got in VectorSector is a new oscillator model that reproduces the nice signature qualities while avoiding the undesirableones.”

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VectorSector includes 100 presets and is available now as a VSTi plugin on Windows XP at an MSRP of (US) $199. Baseline CPU requirement is a Pentium 4 or Athlon 64. Mac OSX versions for AU and VST hosts are scheduled to be released in mid-February. The software can be purchased online at the company's web site. A free time-limited demo is available as well.

For more information, visit their web site at

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