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Gemini Introduces PS-03 3-Channel Stereo FX Mixer

Gemini Introduces PS-03 3-Channel Stereo FX Mixer


The brand new PS-03 3-channel filter mixer is the latest model from Gemini.

Aside from its attractive black and silver faceplate with two-color LEDs, the PS-03 features a fully controllable filter section, offering the DJ a whole new level of creative control. In addition to Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass filters (all of which can be combined), the PS-03 also features full control over resonance and Q-factor which allow DJs to vary the intensity and effect of the filters.

Adding to the PS-03's flexibility in the mix, a rotary tempo control allows the filters to sweep at virtually any tempo, and all of the parameters can be memorized to any of the 3 filter recall banks, allowing the DJ's best sounding parameters to engaged at the touch of a button. The PS-03 also features an X-fader assignment, along with X-fader curve and reverse controls for versatility.

The PS-03 will be released in March 2005. MSRP: $379.95

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