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Gemini Announces PS-04 3-Channel Stereo Mixer

Gemini Announces PS-04 3-Channel Stereo Mixer


Gemini has announced a new 3-channel stereo EFX mixer, the PS-04. With 6 line, 3 convertible phono/line RCA inputs, master, record, & zone RCA outputs, 1/4″ balanced outputs, triple ground screws for easy connectivity, all encased inside a solid 10″ black & grey aluminum chassis and more, the PS-04 also includes Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology.

The key feature, a DSP module with 26 EFX and a wide range of parameters. A bright blue LCD display for EFX names and parameters plus an EFX assign switch allows the DJ to monitor the DSP EFX range and signal output to each channel. The Dry/Wet fader control and rotary EFX selector & parameter controls provides the DJ with precise step control over each parameter to get exactly the sound you expect from each effect.

Dual mode backlit EFX on/off & cue effect button engages and disengages the DSP EFX in both PGM mode and Cue mode to monitor the signal frequency before placing the effect into the mix.

The PS-04 will be released in April. MSRP: $459.95

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