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Garritan Ships Gofriller Solo Cello Software Instrument

Garritan Ships Gofriller Solo Cello Software Instrument


Garritan today announced that the Gofriller Solo Cello, the latest software instrument using the revolutionary 'sonic morphing' process, is now shipping. This Solo Cello software instrument, created by an Italian team in collaboration with Garritan, expands the company's solo instrument series following the release of the Stradivari Solo Violin.

The Gofriller Solo Cello represents a major step forward in software musical instrument technology and provides a new level of realism and virtuosic erformance in sample based instruments. Gofriller Cellos (made nearly three hundred years ago) are among the finest cellos ever made and are known for their rich and beautiful tone. Thanks to the exclusive “harmonic alignment” technology, this sampled Gofriller Cello lets you seamlessly crossfade among dynamics (pp to ff); continuously control the onset, rate and speed of the vibrato; play portamento, trill at any interval and speed, perform harmonics, legato – play almost any articulations in real-time. The result of these technologies is extraordinary levels of expressiveness and performance capabilities in a way that preserves the natural characteristics of the Gofriller Cello. This solo cello instrument is truly 'playable' unlike any other virtual instrument.

This new instrument integrates the Native Instruments Kontakt 2 sample player and can be used as a standalone instrument, as a VST, DXi, RTAS or Audio Units plug-in, and can be used with supported notation programs like Finale 2007. It is also Mac Intel compatible.

Pricing and AvailabilityThe Gofriller is priced at $199 and available now.


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