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“Furniss – Simon Wood” by Simon Wood


Using the Audio Technica AT3035 Microphone through a Studio Vlave pre-amp, then the Behringer Tube Composer and the Aphex big bottom and aural exciter (pause for breath) we tracked down the acoustic guitar in 3 parts for the intro.

we spaced the aphex aural exciter to harsh tune setting to give a 3d sound effect. The drums were recorded out of the Yamaha DTxpressII and it takes all my effort to get them sounding real and not plastic, I am not sure if I have succeeded here or not.

The vocals follow the same chain as the Acoustic guitars with everything under 50k's rolled off to make room for the bass. Note there is no bass guitar here, we boosted the acoustic to fill the void, and deleted the bass track, it just went too boomy and we couldn't find the right mix. less is more.

The synth backing is Reason 4 and it sits horribly in the mid range which seems to swamp everything else and we had a long time spent trying to get the right level of that. when we were happy with the mix we passed a stereo mix back through the Valve compressor and Aphex exciter to a stereo track in protools, then we put some Izotope Ozone on the master fader with some exciters, and mastering reverb.

Do you know what I think I might have over cooked it slightly, then I hear it again and I think it is just right. let me know what you think

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