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FRETLIGHTZ Guitar & Bass L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator

FRETLIGHTZ Guitar & Bass L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator


FRETLORD Musical Instrument Lighting Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the official worldwide release date, 1/18/2008 of their “FRETLIGHTZ” L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator accessory that universally fits guitar, bass, and general stringed instrument fret boards. US Patent# 6,225,544

FRETLORD'S FRETLIGHTZ Guitar & Bass L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator accessory instantly clips onto the headstock strings behind the nut and/or velcro mounts the clip base onto the body of a guitar, bass or other stringed instrument. FRETLIGHTZ projects a brilliant HIGH OUTPUT LED light onto the fret board providing a point of reference when performing on dimly lit stages, pitch dark clubs, or practicing areas, also assisting players with limited vision handicaps.

FRETLORD'S spokesperson, founder, president, and CEO, Kevin Sciortino stated ” This accessory is a must have as it offers amazing lighting effects making your frets, strings, hands, knobs, bridge & guitar body illuminate. You can also design color theme setups by mixing primary RGB colors and create an interactive flashing effect with the shadows of your strumming hand and giving off the effect of multiple color changes as the fretting hand transverses across the fret board. The product provides much needed illumination of the fret board for any stringed instrument player. Plus, it looks cool providing an attention grabbing lighting effect for the spectator. The simple design requires no modifications to the instrument and is easily removable.”

FRETLORD'S “FRETLIGHTZ” Guitar & Bass L.E.D. Fret Board Illuminator lighting accessory consists of tension clip with a ball joint mount that offers 360 degree angle aiming for various headstock styles. The mounting clips' base includes Velcro pads for optionally attaching the FRETLIGHTZ on the instruments body behind the bridge for additional / alternate directional illumination of the fret board. The high output LED lighting module is powered by (1-2) replaceable coin cell batteries (included) and provides over 12 hours of continuous illumination. The FRETLIGHTZ unit also pops out of the claw base for quick color changes, or to use it as a gig light to see your set list on stage or wherever you need light. The design includes a solid state power switch, is self contained, lightweight, no wires, non-obstructive to the player, & poses no harm to the instrument, new or vintage.

Kevin Sciortino also stated that FRETLORD is working on adding other color options for the FRETLIGHTZ line and plans on introducing multi-color and strobe effect models in the future.

MSRP $9.99 USD

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