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Free ToneLab Tour CD Provides Audio Demos of Vox Modelers

Free ToneLab Tour CD Provides Audio Demos of Vox Modelers


VOX Amplification USA yas announced ToneLab Tour, a free CD that provides an in-depth audio introduction to the ToneLab and ToneLab SE amp and effect modelers.

The CD offers an audio tour of each product, multi-genre demos by VOX Product Specialists, quotes from VOX artists and ToneLab Support Documentation. Guitarists can hear what the power-charged ToneLab and ToneLab SE sound like in action — from their tube sound and amp modeling, through their range of effects capabilities — in the comfort of their own home or car.

ToneLab Tour is available free of charge from authorized VOX dealers, and is compatible with any CD player or computer CD-ROM drive. You can find a list of local VOX dealers on the Vox web site.

For more information, visit their web site at

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