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“Foolin” by West of Texas


We record at home in a room built inside my garage. The recording space is 11×9 with an 8 foot high ceiling. I also have an adjoining 8×8 control room. The recording room has 2x4x2 inch sound panels on all four walls with two large foam panels covering 80% of the ceiling. We record to a Roland vs-2400CD.

Because I don't have a huge recording space, we have to track each instrument and vocal separately. The first thing we do is record vocal and guitar to a click track. Next, I record my drum part to the click and vocal/guitar scratch tracks. Then we record bass. Next, we bring the singer back in to record separate rhythm guitar and vocal tracks. These may or may not wind up being the final vocal/guitar tracks because at this point we have all of the basic rhythmic and melodic elements of the song and can decide what needs redoing before we record lead and fill instruments.

When we have all the tracks recorded, they are exported to my computer and imported to Cubase for editing and processing of effects. I mix down to a stereo file and export back to the Roland for final mastering. The files stay at 24 bits until final CD tracks are burned on the VS-2400.

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