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Flagship DN-S3500 CD/MP3 Player from Denon

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Tuesday September 20, 2005

Denon DJ takes its spinning active platter design to the next technical level. The DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player features a powerful 12-pole Direct Drive motor, and 7 on-board effects, in a tabletop package.

The core interface of the DN-S3500 utilizes Denon's all new proprietary 12-pole Direct Drive brushless motor design, delivering instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5 kg/cm of start-up torque within 0.5 seconds for true turntable reaction and response. Selectable platter speeds of 33.3 or 45 rpm offer analog manipulation suited to the user's preference. Seven onboard effects, including Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo, and Echo Loop, are available for realtime performance control and feature full parameter adjustment and a wet/dry mix control for the effects. Three platter effects -- Brake (adjustable in real-time), Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time) and Reverse (with new reverse platter spin action) -- allow DJs to interact with their CDs, CD-R/CD-RWs and MP3 files as if they were on an analog turntable.

Like other Denon DJ CD/MP3 player turntables, the DN-S3500 features full MP3 playback support. MP3 functions include Frame Search, MP3 Hot Starts and Seamless Looping with B point trim, ID3 tag display for Artist, Title and Album, support for constant bit rate (CBR) and variable bit rate (VBR) decoding up to 320 kbps, and a powerful MP3 File Search System that can quickly and easily locate hundreds of files in various folders. Also available is a new MP3 Memo system that saves the user's cue points and loops to internal memory, as well as the world's first ID3 BPM tag, which automatically recalls the BPM metadata of a given MP3 file. Furthermore, once a track is chosen using the convenient parameters knob, Denon DJ's Next Track Function with Crossfade allows the user to search for the next track to be played, then set the unit to crossfade seamlessly at the conclusion of the current track. This provides non-stop mix action using tracks on the same disc, and applies to CDs as well.

The DN-S3500 also includes many powerful sample and loop functions for extended mixing capabilities. In conjunction with the 15 second on-board sampler, the Seamless Loop to Sampler Copy function allows even further creative possibilities during a performance, such as exchanging the disc during sample playback and overlaying CD scratches using the sampler. The Two Way CUE Search System features both Denon and Pioneer cueing methods to give further customization towards the DJ's stylistic preference. A convenient Forward/Both directional lever controls the output of the user's scratch strokes. Two Hot Starts and seamless loops with B point trim can be set on the fly, as can further Key Adjustments and Cue Stutter points. CD Text support provides scrolling display of track names when used with many commercially available discs or with the user's own CD-R/RW compilations. Deep pitch resolution of .02% and .05% for the +-4/10% range is available for DJs who require critical beat mixing and precision. Full pitch control is available in increments of +-4%, +-10%, +-16%, +-24%, +-50% and +-100% for CDs, with MP3 pitch adjustment in the range of +-4%, +-10% and +-16%. Shockproof memory is provided for both CD (20 seconds) and MP3 (100 seconds). Three-way pitch bend is controllable using the scratch disc, pitch bend buttons or the traditional finger-pressure along side the spinning platter.

Additional CD manipulation features include Pitch On/Off, Key Adjust On/Off, Seamless Loop, and a Memo function which can store Cue Point, A and B point data, BPM, Playback Pitch and Range for later recall. Up to 5,000 track points can be saved to internal memory and shared with others Denon players. The instant start (0.02.seconds) integrity and high quality player mechanism assure further confidence and control in performance applications.

The convenient Power On Play feature allows for unattended playback on power up, and unattended Relay Play is possible between two DN-S3500's for smooth uninterrupted playback when the DJ requires a short break. The unit is also compatible with all Denon DJ mixers for Fader Start Control directly from the mixer's interface. Convenient Play Lock and Eject Lock features prevent unintentional track change or disc eject during a live performance. Furthermore, customizable paper slip mats can be applied under the removable clear scratch disc for platter personalization. A large fluorescent tube display provides ample at-a-glance recognition, with extra visual cues such as the EOM function which flashes the status time bar to alert users that the current track is about to end, and 3-way BPM counter. Features include a digital output and CD-ROM upgradeable internal software to round out this complete digital DJ turntable solution.

The Denon DN-S3500 Professional Direct Drive CD/MP3 Player is available late September with pricing of $699.99 MAP and MSRP of $879.99.

For more information, visit their web site at

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