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FL Studio Version 5 Released


November 29, 2004

FL Studio (formerly Fruityloops), Image-Line's all in one software production suite for PC, has received another significant update with the release of version 5, available in four different versions to meet varying needs and price points.

Here is a list of what is new or improved in FL Studio version 5:

  • Time-Stretching in Audio Tracks, Slicer and Sampler. Based on the highly acclaimed ZPlane Elastique time-stretching technology, FL Studio now offers Tonal, drums, slices and resample time-stretching
  • Automation Clips & Improved Audio Clips allow multipoint spline-based and LFO based automation envelopes
  • Load ACID Loops – Retains ACID Loop markers and allows following of project tempo.
  • Improved Recording & loop recording
  • New Plugins:
    • FPC – FL Studio MPC: a new self-contained drum machine plugin
    • WaveShaper: Graph based distortion with super sampling.
    • VideoPlayer: Synchronized playback of video & flash content inside FL Studio
  • Improved Plugins
    • Sytrus: adds global envelopes, new curve types and more.
    • Fruity Slicer: is improved to support our new slicing engine, .rex files & time stretching capabilities.
    • Granulizer: is vastly improved (supports transients, new key-to modes).
    • DrumSynth Live: now supports up to 120 patches at once.
  • Other New Features, like Tempo Tapping, support for slice markers and MP3 loading
  • Added support for Hercules DJ Console (when set in MIDI mode, endless knobs, coupled switches, special switches & middle jog work).
  • New box edition available: FL Studio XXL Box edition

FL Studio comes in 4 different editions:

  • FL Studio Express Edition – Downloadable US$ 49 – Boxed: N/A – Does not include full audio recording/editing or VSTi, DXi, ReWire client capability.
  • FL Studio Fruityloops Edition – Downloadable US$ 99 – Boxed: US$ 139 SRP – Does not include full audio recording.
  • FL Studio Producer Edition – Downloadable US$ 149 – Boxed: US$ 209 SRP
  • FL Studio XXL Edition – Downloadable US$ 299 – Boxed: US$ 399 SRP

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

All product upgrades are free for existing download customers, and those who purchase the downloadable versions are eligible for free lifetime updates. Boxed versions are available from international distributors. A trial version is available for download.

For more information, visit their web site at

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