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Five More Black Panther Snares from Mapex

Five More Black Panther Snares from Mapex


2005 Mapex announced the addition of five new snare drums to its “Black Panther” lineup. The new models include three new Premium Series Maple Snares, a 10 x 5.5-inch, 13 x 5.5-inch and a 14 x 6.5-inch; a new Deep Forest 14 x 6.5-inch Walnut Snare and a Premium Series 13 x 5.5-inch Brass model.

With the release of these drums, Mapex has expanded the Black Panther line to include a group of premium-quality snares that are simpler in design and more economical. Product Manager, Joe Hibbs comments, “These drums still offer the entire array of features that make Black Panther a great snare. We've incorporated popular and time-tested cosmetic features such as natural wood grains and chrome hardware without sacrificing the drum's sound, feel or reliability. By Mapex making these snares simpler and more affordable, all drummers can now enjoy the experience of owning a Black Panther.”

All five models feature chrome hardware, single-point-of-contact lugs and 2.3mm Mapex Powerhoops. All Black Panther Snare Drums are equipped with Remo heads.

The black-plated 13 x 5.5-inch brass snare (BPBR3551C, $509 MSRP) and the natural grain 13 x 5.5-inch maple snare (BPML3550CWN, $529 MSRP) feature a tight, full sound and are perfect for musicians that need a smaller diameter main snare.

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The 14 x 6.5-inch maple (BPML4650CWN, $539 MSRP) and the 14 x 6.5-inch walnut (BPWT4650CWN, $559 MSRP) are ideal multipurpose snares that are capable of delivering whisper-soft brushwork as well as bashing backbeats.

A sidekick snare drum, the 10 x 5.5-inch maple (BPML0550CWN, $499 MSRP) comes with its own mounting bracket and can be mounted on a tom holder or sit in a snare basket. Either way, it produces tight and crisp rim-shots as well as subtle and articulate ghost notes.

These new Black Panther Snare Drum models will be supported by a national advertising campaign and will be featured on Drums should begin appearing on retail shelves in mid-April 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at

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