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FIREPOD Audio/MIDI Interface Now Shipping


August 19, 2004

PreSonus Audio Electronics is now shipping the FIREPOD, a 10 input/10
output 24-bit/96K FireWire recording system. The FIREPOD comes ready to go
with eight PreSonus Class A custom microphone preamplifiers along with free
Cubase LE – 48 audio/96 MIDI track recording software. Retail price on the
FIREPOD is $799.95 with an estimated street price in the USA of $599.95.

The front of the FIREPOD is loaded with eight combo input XLR/TRS Neutrik
connectors for conveniently connecting all types of microphones and instruments.
Eight trim controls are on the front panel to easily adjust the input level
of each preamplifier. Inputs one and two of the FIREPOD can be used for microphone
or instrument inputs three thru eight can be used as microphone or line inputs.
Phantom power (+48V) is available on every channel in groups of four. Channels
1 and 2 feature fully balanced send and return TRS connectors on the rear of
the rugged metal chassis for inserting outboard dynamics, EQ and effects processors.
The FIREPOD has eight balanced TRS line outputs as well as two balanced TRS
MAIN outputs and balanced TRS CUE outputs for additional monitoring.

The FIREPOD also includes stereo headphone output on the front panel along
with mix control to balance monitoring levels between mixed input and main
output signals for zero-latency monitoring. Two channels of S/PDIF input and
output as well as MIDI input and output are also included.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The FIREPOD comes with Steinberg's CUBASE LE audio production software, and
is also compatible with popular ASIO/WDM and Core Audio based applications
on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

For more information, visit their web site at www.presonus.com

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