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Fireface 800 Driver Updated to Version 2

Fireface 800 Driver Updated to Version 2


The drivers for RME's Fireface 800 FireWire audio interface have now reached version 2.0. Both drivers for Windows and Mac OS X offer identical functions and features.

After the introduction of the FireWire Dropout Detection for playback and record with automatic resynchronisation of the sample position after loss of data packets, full Windows 64-bit compatibility, and support of the WDM Speaker Setup for improved compatibility to games and home entertainment software, version 2.0 now adds full MIDI support for TotalMix. With this, the mixer of the Fireface can be controlled from external hardware controllers, including all the special functions like Talkback, Dim or submix monitoring. Main Volume and monitor funtions can be controlled from nearly any keyboard, as these use standard Controller Change Volume and simple note on/off commands.

A complete remote control operation requires a hardware controller supporting the Mackie protocol. These are the Mackie Control, the Tascam US-2400 and others, but also lower-priced units like the Behringer BCF2000.

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