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Fireburst Fuzz/Distortion from Diamond Guitar Pedals


December 24, 2004

Diamond Guitar Pedals has added the Fireburst, a combination thick saturated fuzz / distortion with a footswitchable mid-boost circuit, to its line of hand built guitar pedals. The combination of mid EQ and pre / post gain in the mid-boost mode snaps the fuzz into focus and turns the Fireburst into an articulate distortion pedal, according to the company.

The fuzz and mid boost / EQ circuits are all discrete component including low-noise transistors, premium 2% polypropylene caps and 1% metal film resistors, with an audiophile-grade opamp used in the Baxandall bass/treble post distortion EQ. The bass and treble controls have been voiced to tailor the distortion at extended frequency extremes to provide very interesting tonal variations. The Fireburst's extended low frequency response also makes it a sounding heavy fuzz for passive bass guitars.

Other features include true bypass switching and the option to use a standardnegative tip 9V adapter.

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Diamond Guitar Pedals are available at retail outlets across Canada including Long & McQuade, Italmelodie in Montreal, and Musicstop locations throughout Atlantic Canada. They are also available online in the US at, with a list price for the Fireburst of $199 US. All pedals are backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at

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