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“Feel so Close” by Jeanine Maningo


I realized that little or almost no reverbs can make the sound bigger. It is true when I produce this track; I tend to use very small reverb in the instruments including vocals. I only select portion where I like to put a reverb in the vocals to have some pleasing effect.

The result is a very dry but a pleasing mix. In the mixing, delaying panned left and right guitars create a more surround sound; this is done by delaying at least 5 ms.

I love using synths especially to make a good intro. Then the bass tracks are just little bit out of tune, gets re-recorded again and it gets better. This is a very good advice: Do not fix it in the mix or it gets complicated. It is one of the problems using an old bass guitar/string. But the fender jazz bass still sounds good to me. I love it.

The vocalist tries to sing the very best and it pays off. The mood of this song is about love, tempo is a bit a slow but I try to make all arrangements as coordinated as they can. This is done by testing all possible arrangement first in live setting before recording.

A good background in computer audio recording is important to at least produce some quality recordings done at home. I believe and agree that I can do a good recording at home like I do it in a big complete studio.

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The most difficult part is the mix. At first it sounds so muddy and the vocals are drowned from acoustic guitars. Proper EQ is important. I dip at 3000Hz for all instruments to give way to vocals.

In this type of song, it is the vocal which is primarily important. It is because it is a pop song.

Song Credits:Jeanine Maningo-vocals/songwriter

Emerson Maningo-producer/mixer/engineer

Pong/Salongga Music Studio-studio vocals engineer

Instruments played by Jeanine Maningo Band

Further information is available at

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