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Since early 1930, there has been a quest for the perfect magnetic guitar pickup. They knew that the massive coils used in these pickups could be a problem with frequency response, resonants, placement and a constant question, 'Is this the real sound of the string?' It is now possible to have the string, in a single loop of wire, deliver the 'real' sound to the amplifier with a simple impedance matching mechanism.

The strings are separated and can be fed into individual circuits or can be played mono. This will allow each string to have it's own EQ and effects. Also, a midi connector package will be available to connect to a midi guitar interface. This allows for midi sounds and guitar to be played at the same time.

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Spatial Effects

Spatial Effects

Learn the techniques of creating spatial reverberation FX in this deep listening course by the engineers at Singing Canary and Modern World Recording.

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