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Expanded “E” Series Drumsticks from Regal Tip


January 5, 2005

Fifty years ago, Joe Calato invented the nylon tip. For years Joe has been determined to develop a nylon tip that would produce a darker, mellower cymbal sound, more like that of wood. The result of that effort was the E series drumstick, bridging the gap between wood and nylon; the sound of wood with the durability of nylon.

First introduced back in 2004, now Regal Tip is expanding their “E” series offerings with “Wide” versions of already available, classic nylon tip Jazz, 7A, 5A, and 5B sizes. The classic nylon tip models have a longer, thinner taper than their corresponding wood tip versions. Regal Tip's wood tip versions of these models were designed with shorter tapers and beefier necks. The new “E” series wide models exactly duplicate Regal Tip's wood tip versions of the Jazz, 7A,5A and 5B.

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