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“EX-Malik – Electric Platform” by EX-Malik


Electric platform is produced by Ex-malik the artist himself. by the time I realized I needed a smash hit for 2008 I was on a small event before litsening to Linkin park’s smash hit [Numb]2004 classic that got me energetic that day & I felt like am in a big cathedral with a strong keyboard sound theme cause linkin park is one of my favourite Rock Rap bands on Earth so I had an idea myself & that morning I went straight to the studio without stopping anywhere to construct a similar beat/instrumental to Numb

i spent the all night in the studio recording this track & mixing it down I used the rock kick,snare,science fiction effect,keyborad synth, but the problem was somthing wasn’t going the right way I wanted it go so I was stressed out for one day & I was blaming everthing on the recording equipment the next day I sat down for all 2 hours & think twice & realised all the mistakes I made with the mixing.

for the second time I went back to the studio & I told my self am not letting this go & thats when I started to gain the confidence & the track flow out succesfuly as I wanted it to be.

The lyrics were all about corruption & strictly to the Government in curtain parts of the song after making it I posted it on my sites for promotion like myspace,bebo,facebook.etc so I called some radio staions for some radio play and am sure Electric platform will be in the playlist for 2008 jams for all of that I was planning the idea to shoot the video in the cathedral.

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