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Eventide Unveil Ultra-Harmonizer with FireWire

Eventide Unveil Ultra-Harmonizer with FireWire


The H8000FW, a mammoth effects processor, offers nearly 1,600 classic Eventide presets with FireWire and expanded analog and digital I/O. Audio engineers now have the ability to easily utilize the sheer processing power of the H8000 with any computer-based recording platform using a direct, high-speed FireWire connection. The H8000FW is Eventide's new flagship processor and is also available as an upgrade for current H8000, H8000A, and Orville owners.

“The H8000FW combines the analog I/O of the H8000A with digital I/O of the H8000 and adds FireWire too,” said Eventide vice president of sales and marketing, Ray Maxwell. “Our customers have lauded the H8000 and the H8000A for the sheer width and breadth of their great effects. Now, with FireWire, our customers can use the H8000FW's massive processing power with one easy connection to the computer workstation of their choice.”

The H8000FW builds upon the success of the Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor platform by uniting all the prized features and functions into one definitive unit that is capable of interfacing directly with a computer-based recording system. With direct access to 24-bit dynamic processing and the 1,588 built-in Eventide preset algorithms, users can rely on the H8000FW to deliver an entire spectrum of effects without taxing any processing power from their CPU. The H8000FW features Monolithic Tandem, which allows both processors to operate together, facilitating large complex algorithms, including 5.1 reverb and effects or up to eight channels of discrete processing.

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The H8000FW features eight channels of digital audio I/O via AES/EBU, ADAT, and FireWire, all 24-bit up to 96kHz. In addition, the H8000FW incorporates the expanded analog I/O featured in the H8000A, which consists of four channels of pristine analog I/O with a dynamic range of >110dB. With Eventide's exclusive Building Block Architecture, users can create their own unique preset-algorithms with the library of 230 effects blocks. The H8000FW also includes PC and OS X graphic preset development tools.

Eventide offers an exclusive upgrade program for existing owners of the H8000, H8000A, or Orville. Starting in December, users can upgrade their existing units to add FireWire functionality. Customers who purchase an H8000 or H8000A from October 7, 2005 on will be eligible for a free FireWire upgrade from Eventide. The H8000FW will be available in December through Eventide dealers worldwide.

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