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Electronisounds Releases Two New .Wav Sample CDs

Electronisounds Releases Two New .Wav Sample CDs


Electronisounds is adding 2 brand new sample CD titles to their catalog. DnB Void explores the darker side of dark drum and bass, while Serious Electro 2 serves up enough retro-phunk-electro flava to make you want to start breakdancing

Both sample CDs feature over 650MB of all-new, all-original sounds and loops in 16-bit, 44.1kHz .Wav format.

DnB Void Contents:

  • Basses Folder – 75 bass samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Drum Kits Folder – 3 drumkits (50 sounds each)
  • Drum Loops Folder – 150 prgrammed drumloops (all at 150bpm)
  • Drum Loops Folder – 8 live drummer acoustic drumloops, 1 live drumroll (all at 150bpm)
  • FX Folder – 85 fx samples
  • Misc. Chords Folder – 75 chord samples (Am, B7, Cm, Csus4, Em, Fm)
  • Misc Music Loops Folder – 32 misc. musical loops and phrases (misc. keys)
  • Pads Folder – 75 pad samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Sub Basses Folder – 12 sub bass samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Synths Folder – 75 synth samples (each tuned to “C”)
  • Vocoded Drumloops Folder – 70 vocoded drumloops in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
  • Vocoded Drum Sounds Folder – 70 vocoded drumsounds in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)

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Serious Electro 2 Contents:

  • Bass Loops Folder: 37mb, 31 samples
  • Basses Folder: 44mb, 115 bass one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Drum Kits Folder: 5mb, 77 drums sounds (divided into 2 drumkits: toy keyboard drums & Serious Electro 2 drums)
  • Drum Loops Folder: 170mb, 127 drumloops (2 and 4 measure loops 110bpm, 120bpm, 130bpm)
  • FX Folder: 20mb, 32 samples
  • Groove Kits Folder: 27mb, 4 groove kits (Elek Tek, Elektro Breaks, Nu Breaks, Old Skool Tek)
  • Organs Folder: 52mb, 50 organ one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Pads Folder: 97mb, 50 pad one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Synth Loops Folder: 66mb, 51 samples
  • Synths Folder: 95mb, 150 synth one-shots (each tuned to”C”)
  • Toy Keyboard Beats Folder: 41mb, 22 beats (each in wav AND rex2 format)

Both of these new releases can be purchased for $19.99 each (this includes FREE shipping to anywhere in the world).

For more information, visit their web site at

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