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Electro-Harmonix Announces the Holiest Grail Stereo Reverb


November 11, 2004

First came the Holy Grail reverb, then the Holier Grail. Now Electro-Harmonix has created the Holiest Grail digital reverb. To live up to its name, the Holiest Grail delivers a stereo dual reverb output with the most advanced features of the trio.

Create your own custom sound by tweaking the pre-delay and decay time, along with feedback, damping, and diffusion controls to further shape the reverb. The pedal also features an input gain control for the incoming signal, and a mixer to set the amount of dry input, spring reverb, and hall reverb – yes, you can have both hall and spring reverbs together at the same time if you want.

The pedal provides 8 programmable presets organized into four banks. A simple hit of the footswitch selects the individual preset with a slider to choose the bank. The Holiest Grail also includes an expression pedal input to provide real-time control over the slider-based parameters. In fact, you can even useMIDI to control parameters remotely, or use the pedal as a MIDI controller.

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