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Eiosis releases the E2Deesser

Eiosis releases the E2Deesser


The E2Deesser features Eiosis' patented, exclusive processing structure and algorithm to bring you a new approach to de-essing. It allows the independent processing of sibilants inside vocal tracks in an extremely easy to use and efficient manner.

Eiosis has a new approach to de-essing. A de-esser is usually a simplified multi/single band compressor driven by a filtered side chain. With the E2Deesser, the detection process is completely independent from the processing, offering unprecedented flexibility in controlling and adjusting the amount of sibilance in your recording. You may combine wide band reduction with narrow band or low pass sibilant reduction, or even reduce a certain frequency range while boosting the sibilants' global volume. You can also add some sparkle to the voiced parts without touching the sibilants.

The E2Deesser also has powerful sibilant detection. It detects sibilants uniformly regardless of the input volume, so you don't have to worry about monitoring the input level while adjusting the detection settings. Like most de-essers, you can freely adjust the E2Deesser's detection frequency. But unlike most de-essers, you can also adjust the responsiveness of the detection process as well as the reduction ratio, which is extremely useful when balancing between sibilant and voiced processing.

With a conventional de-esser, you have to lower the compression threshold for more pronounced sibilant reduction, which has the side-effect of reducing the overall brightness in the vocal, rendering it dull. But a good de-esser should cut sibilants without affecting the tonal qualities of the sound. The E2Deesser allows you to reduce the sibilant gain while keeping the voiced parts intact, ensuring that the vocal's brightness remains untouched.

To learn more about the E2Deesser, you can watch the video tutorials on the Eiosis website. You can discover in these videos how to use the E2Deesser in many situations, with vocal tracks, but also percussion and slap bass tracks.

The E2Deesser is available in TDM, RTAS and AU formats for MacOSX.

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It is available in the Eiosis' online shop for ¬150 (Native version) and ¬300 (TDM + Native versions).

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