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“Egypt” by Veltkamp


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The song here, called Egypt, is a blend of unlikely traditions: Classical Rachmaninof, The Art Song tradition, Hard Rock, Space music, Frank Zappa, the film score tradition, the dreamy feel Pink Floyd, some syncopation from jazz, and a touch of Delta blues.

The lyrics were inspired by the mysticism of Drunvelo Melchizadek, an Egyptian researcher and author.

Also of interest is the length, over 9 minutes, and especially the timing. This song never gets back on the beat after the first note. It flows in unmeasured space for over nine minutes. This feature is my favorite part of the song because it flies in the face of computers measuring out our every breath these days.

It is in effect an artist setting the timing with each note, instead of selecting a groove from a computer menu. Hopeful emotions win over automation in this peice, but you be the judge.

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