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E-mu Announces PowerFX Hardware-Accelerated VST Effects


July 23, 2004

E-mu Systems has announced its new PowerFX hardware-accelerated
VST effects, which allows all E-mu Digital Audio Systems and Emulator X owners
to run E-mu's hardware-accelerated E-DSP effects as full-blown VST plug-ins,
including automation of effects parameters. The PowerFX software release
also adds a new reverb and seven new delay algorithms to E-mu's effects palette.

PowerFX is a free software release that allows all E-mu Digital Audio Systems
and Emulator X owners to use over 600 hardware-accelerated E-DSP effects as
VST plug-ins in Steinberg's Cubase and other VST hosting applications with
no load on the CPU. These PowerFX presets are identical to the presets currently
found in the PatchMix DSP Effects Palette (including all user presets), offering
seamless effects compatibility across both environments.

PowerFX works like any other VST plug-in — effects are instantiated in a
VST insert or aux send locations within the application, and the desired effect
(or group of effects) is simply dragged from the Effects Palette field to the
center Insert Strip. All parameters for the selected effect can be viewed and
edited in the Effects Window, and users can automate and save all parameter
settings within the VST environment. And as a fully-featured VST plug-in, PowerFX
provides automatic compensation for system latencies and proper synchronization
of audio throughout the VST chain.

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The PowerFX software launch also marks the release of E-mu's first expansion
plug-in effects, adding a new reverb and seven new delay algorithms to E-mu's
Effects Palette. These new algorithms optimize the resources of E-mu's E-DSP
effects engine, allowing users to run more reverbs and delays than before.
These new effects are also free to all Digital Audio System and Emulator X
owners, and will be available for download at in
early August 2004.

For more information, visit their web site at

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